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Spotlight on Senhit - San Marino 2020/21

San Marino debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008.

Senhit Zadik Zadik (known by the stage name of Senhit) was born and raised in Bologna, Italy to Eritrean parents. She has performed in musicals in Switzerland and Germany and has a substantial catalogue of album releases in Italian.

This is not Senhit’s first time at Eurovision; she represented San Marino in 2011, with “Stand By”, and she has worked with Massimo Ranieri, a former Eurovision contestant, who represented Italy twice in 1971 and 1973. He was the music director and lead role in a musical about the affair between Marcel Cerdan and Edith Piaf, in which Senhit performed in.

Here is Senhit’s performance at Eurovision 2011:

She would have represented the small microstate in 2020 with “Freaky”; but, we are pleased to say, the San Marino delegation have confirmed Senhit will be participating at Eurovision 2021 with some new material. Senhit was internally selected by the National Broadcaster. An online final featured two songs, the winner being chosen through an online vote.

“Freaky” is a 1980's style disco song about the beauty of being out of the box, the freedom of living thoughtlessly, not caring about prejudices, breaking old rules and making up new ones. 

Did you know? Senhit is a devoted animal lover and in 2010, she adopted Buddy from a rescue centre, and she absolutely adores her little canine companion. She even dedicated a song especially written for him. In 2015, she became Ambassador for charity, Save the Dogs.

Here’s a video highlighting the work of the charity:

Senhit has done some wonderful covers of past Eurovision songs, which can be found on YouTube. Here is a beautiful cover of Marco Mengoni’s L’essenziale:

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