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Spotlight on Go_A - Ukraine 2020/21

Go_A is a Ukrainian electro-folk band that were momentously selected by both the public and jury at their National selection final to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in May. The broadcaster UA:PBC have so much faith in Go_A, the entry and its chances to do well at the competition that they announced on the very same day that the competition was sadly cancelled that the band will represent the country in 2021. Go_A combine ethic undertones with modern electronic music to impressive effect, having a real impact on the Eurovision community. See their official video for ‘Solovey’ (Nightingale) here:

The band's name was made by combining the English word ‘Go’, as in movement, with the Greek letter ‘Alpha’, symbolising the beginning of everything; which the band boldly embody as returning to one’s cultural rootes. The core of the band’s message is abundant, incorporating folklore and culture into their music fresh for a new generation.

Successful in their native Ukraine, the band won the National competition ‘The Best Track in Ukraine 2015’ with their song "Vesnianka" (Веснянка), which was their first release. A great start! The next year, in 2016, they even released a Christmas single "Shchedryi vechir" (Щедрий вечір) in collaboration with the very appropriately named ‘Katya Chilly’.

Take a look at our media partner ESC Bubble who had a Q&A with Go_A this week, discussing how the band was formed and even their favourite films!

The full article can be found on the ESC Bubble site.

The band is a regular participant of international music festivals and has presented their Ukrainian music in Israel, Poland and Belarus and have a prestigious membership. Did you know the lead singer Kateryna Pavlenko is also an experienced choir director!?

2021 will be a special year for the Ukraine at Eurovision as this will be the first time a song has been completely in Ukrainian, a feat that the band are keen to celebrate and encourage fans to learn some of their mother tongue with a lyric version of their video on YouTube. A real celebration of their vibrant dynamic culture.

Brush up your Ukrainian in readiness for ‘Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light on 16th May’ and sing along!

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