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Spotlight on Montaigne - Australia 2020/21

Jessica Cerro, better known as Montaigne, was selected by the Australian public during their televised Eurovision - Australia Decides competition with her song Don't Break Me. Her song was set to be a Eurovision pop anthem but sadly, due to the competition being cancelled this year, won't see the bright lights of the Rotterdam stage. Her act featured five backup dancers with simple choreography but, with a striking look and powerful message, was already causing waves in the Eurovision bubble.

Did you know? Montaigne says her blue hair and rosy cheeks were inspired by the character Mr Mime from the Pokemon television series. She has even gone on record to describe her act as "Kate Bush mixed with clown." We couldn't put it better ourselves!

Along with the memorable look, Cerro took on the unusual name 'Montaigne' named after the 16th Century French philosopher Michel de Montaigne in 2013. Montaigne describes her own background as 'a mixture of Argentinian, Spanish, Filipino and French'. Montaigne's father, Argentinian-born Gustavo, played professional football for the Australian National Soccer League and inspired his daughter to nearly do the same; lucky for us she turned her hand to music instead finding success in Australia and internationally.

Montaigne has posted on her Instagram how excited she is to be confirmed to represent Australia again in Eurovision 2021 stating:

"I'm very keen to make new music, to produce a new song and figure out a new performance for next year,"

This did follow an emotional rollercoaster on social media with understandable disappointment that the 2020 competition had been cancelled, but he eloquent and emotional posts just proved her determination and passion for her music:

Now in a more contemplative mood and perspective moving ahead, Montaigne has hinted at even more quirkiness and character for 2021:

"I feel grateful I get to try again. I feel trepidatious that I get to try again, especially with the new parameters, or lack thereof ... I'm just confirmed for it now. I feel the temptation to do the further-to-the-left creatively," she said.

Did you know? Montaigne’s hobbies include: video games, painting with watercolours, meditation, preparing Vegan food and, of course, singing by her piano,"

Montaigne also recently featured in episode 2 of the Eurovision Home Concerts performing her song Don't Break Me and also a cover of Gjon's Tears' Répondez-moi for our enjoyment:

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