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Spotlight on VICTORIA - Bulgaria 2020/21

Victoria Georgieva, known enigmatically by the mononym and bold VICTORIA, is a young singer from Bulgaria. But like Cher, Madonna and Prince… can she pull off the single name monikor?

Over 1 million views of her YouTube video for ‘I Wanna Know’ would say yes!

Her first single in English, released in 2019, has proven VICTORIA can appeal to audiences in her native Bulgaria but also further afield. This bodes well as Bulgarian broadcaster, BNT, have announced that she will represent Bulgaria in 2021 with new material. See what ESC Bubble found out in their ‘The Public reacts to…’ series where VICTORIA was featured:

Since their return to the competition in 2016, Bulgaria has entered some strong contenders; even coming runner up in 2017 with their best result ever in the competition! A respectable 2nd place for Kristian Kostov with the song "Beautiful Mess" in Kiev:

There were high hopes for Bulgaria in 2020 and a lot of support for the poignant song. This can be seen in VICTORIA’s emotional performance in the cleverly produced ‘one-shot’ video and comes across clearly in interviews with her:

“The song is very personal to me because it tells a story about overcoming your fears and pain and moving forward. Also, we don’t speak often about the mental health problems the young generation faces and our song aims to inspire them and to give them hope.”


Let’s hope that in the coming year she can find another song that she feels so passionately about in readiness for Rotterdam 2021. In the meantime, let’s give ‘Tears getting sober’ one more watch; we particularly enjoy this lesser viewed acoustic version that really shows off her incredible talent and powerful voice:

Did you know? VICTORIA loves animals and has two rabbits, a parrot and four dogs that she has rescued!

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