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Relive the moment 2019: ‘And once again, Mother’ - It's Axel from Belgium!

Axel and Martin Fitch (Poland 2010) performing ‘Grand Amore’ by Il Volo on the night.

Continuing our look back at the 2019 concert, in readiness for our upcoming 2021 show in August, we are sharing exclusive footage of Axel Hirsoux from Belgium. Axel loved his stay in London in 2019. He is a big fan of musicals and so on his visit to London, the EuroStarz team took him to see ‘Tina - The Musical’, the incredible true story of the highs and the lows of the global queen of rock and roll, Tina Turner! Halfway through the show, Nkeki Obi-melekwe, who played the role of Tina, was injured in one of the fight scenes, so for the second half of the show Ava Louise Brennan (the understudy for Tina) stepped into the breach to perform the second half, so Axel got to see two Tinas in one evening!

That wasn’t the highlight of the weekend though of course, let’s ‘Relive the Moment’ Axel performed at ‘The Water Rats’ in London’s King Cross and wowed us with his impressive vocal live of his 2014 Eurovision entry ‘Mother’:

On his journey to Eurovision, Axel competed in the Belgian National Final and received more than 50% of the televotes! as well as 4 times the maximum of 12 points from the international jury to secure his place. A very worthy member of the ‘EuroStarz in Concert’ family. See his performance from the night here:

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