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Relive the moment 2019: Did Krista do it for you?

Krista Siegfrids was one of the many highlights of the 2019 EuroStarz in Concert. As we prepare for the 2021 show we are taking a look back at the many great performances of the night kicking off with Krista, who was chosen to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest with her fan favourite 'Marry Me' taking the highest number of votes from both the jury and the public in the Finnish national selection.

Did you know that prior to her music career, Krista studied to be a teacher! She later began her music career by forming a band called ‘Daisy Jack’ in 2009. Following on from that she has performed in several musicals in Finland and also participated in the first round of The Voice Finland.

Let’s relive the moment at EuroStarz in Concert 2019 where the wonderful Krista performed live at the Water Rats, London. We love her endlessly and sure you will to. Enjoy!

Most recently, you will have spotted Krista at this year’s competition in Rotterdam, where she hosted ‘Krista Calling’, Check out the first episode all about the stunning host city:

Our social media partners, ESCBubble shared here that Krista was actually involved in 3 shows this year: ‘Krista’s Road to Eurovision’, ‘Krista calling’ and ‘Eurovision Song Celebration: Live-On-Tape.’

If you enjoyed this and want more, keep posted on our social media channels for our upcoming event EuroStarz in Concert 2021 on Saturday 14th August 2021.


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