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Natalia Gordienko Confirmed As The Moldovan Artist For Eurovision 2021!

On Jan 26, 2021

She had kept us updated since the cancelled contest of 2020 but now it has been confirmed: Natalia Gordienko has been chosen to represent the country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

The members of the Organising Committee in Moldova have been discussing the recent global developments and looked at how, under those circumstances, it would be possible to compete in Eurovision.

First of all, they concluded that organising a national final in Moldova would not be possible that only the minimal number of people in the creative staff and technical staff would exceed the maximum allowed amount of 50 people already!

On top of that, keeping the required social distance was deemed impossible in restricted space of the television studio.

And finally, since she didn’t get her chance to shine last year, the committee decided to send Natalia Gordienko to Rotterdam!

After winning the national final, Natalia was set to represent her country with ‘Prison’:

What kind of song do you hope she will be singing in May?

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