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Montaigne Has Released The Official Music Video For “Technicolour”

In the beginning of March, Jessica Cerro (Montaigne) released “Technicolour”, her entry for Eurovision Song Contest 2021. She recorded some vlogs which are following the journey and in one of them she spoke about inspiration, team which works with her, etc.

On 20th of April it has been revealed that Montaigne won’t be travelling to Rotterdam and she will be competing at the contest from Australia. Following the announcement on the official Eurovision Instagram account, Montaigne hosted a Q&A session where she explained why was that decision made and spoke about music, Eurovision, her favourites and much more, you can check it out on the link HERE.

Today, Montaigne has released the official video of her Eurovision entry “Technicolour”:

SBS hired an independent risk assessor, to try and figure out if it would be safe or not for me and the delegation to go overseas from Australia. And ultimately they said it wasn’t. It was their job to find any kind of option that made sense for us to go and they couldn’t but at the same time I have seen a few people sort of coming off a bit mean to SBS obviously in their eyes it is SBS that is depriving me of the experience when the truth is, it's a pandemic and Australia doesn’t have any Covid cases at the moment

Montaigne is going to perform as the 5th act of the first semi-final scheduled for 18th of May. You can check out the official music video for “Technicolour” below:

What are your impressions of the “Technicolour” music video?

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