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MGP Most Viewed Show In Norway Last Weekend; TIX Starts Filming His Eurovision Performance!

Last Saturday the final of Melodi Grand Prix 2021 took place and TIX was crowned the winner and will represent Norway at Eurovision Song Contest 2021. The show was followed by 1.110.000 people out of which 1.082.000 followed the show on NRK1 and 28.000 people watched it online. It was the most watched Norwegian program during the weekend with 67.1% of the share. This is the highest viewing rate for Melodi Grand Prix since 2017.

  • 2009: 1.524.000 viewers

  • 2010: 1.369.000 viewers

  • 2011: 1.295.000 viewers

  • 2012: 1.221.000 viewers

  • 2013: 975.000 viewers

  • 2014: 755.000 viewers

  • 2015: 1.250.000 viewers

  • 2016: 1.313.000 viewers

  • 2017: 1.155.000 viewers

  • 2018: 1.001.000 viewers

  • 2019: 961.00 viewers

  • 2020: 950.000 viewers

This is the big Norwegian music show that brings the whole country together. This year’s Melodi Grand Prix has been the most important ever and has given people joy in a heavy and dark time.
Stig Karlsen, Norwegian HoD and Melodi Grand Prix Chef for

Today TIX is back on stage of H3 Arena in Fornebu to record his performance for Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Stig Karlsen hopes that it will be possible to travel to Rotterdam for the show but they are preparing live on tape performance just in case contest organises in some other scenario which excludes live performance. More information about possible scenarios you can find HERE

Sport industry has managed to organise some international events, and Eurovision is the Olympics of music shows. It is a major event that unites the whole Europe. We believe and hope that we will be able to do it right enough just with some restrictions. It will be a slightly different Eurovision.
Stig Karlsen, Norwegian HoD and Melodi Grand Prix Chef for

You can watch the performance of “Fallen Angel” by TIX below:

Don’t forget to let us know your impressions of the song which will represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in the comments below and at our social media links.

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