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KEiiNO Nominated For Norwegian Grammy!

By Nikola Stojanović Last updated Apr 28, 2020

Spellemannprisen is a Norwegian music award established by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and for the first time it was awarded back in 1973. The prize honours musicians for their achievements in the previous year and it is often referred to as the Norwegian Grammy Awards. KEiiNO has received their first nomination for Spellemannprisen in the category of the best song for their Eurovision entry “Spirit In The Sky”.

The nominees for the best song include:

Isah & Dutty Dior – “HALLO” KEiiNO – “Spritit In The Sky” Kygo feat. Store P, Lars Vaular – “Kem kan eg ringe“ Nicolay Ramm – “Raske Briller” Rat City feat. Isak Heim – “Kind of Love” Ruben – “Lay by Me” Sigrid – “Don’t Feel Like Crying”

See their iconic Grand Final performance below:

Some of the previous winners of Spellemannprisen who also represented Norway at Eurovision include Anita Skorgan for Best Pop Album “Ingenveitilbake” in 1979; Jahn Teigen for Best Male Vocal in 1978 and twice for Jury Honorary Award in 1983 & 2009. Bobbysocks for Jury Honorary Award in 1985. Margaret Berger with “Lifetime Guarantee” for Best Musical Video in 2004. Alexander Rybak won the Spellemann of the year (Åretsspellemann) for 2009 a special prize based on the commercial success of the artist and his music.

The winner of this prize receives a bronze statue designed as a gramophone which is in his possession for a year and the winners of the biggest prize include a-ha; Röyksopp; Kygo; Marcus & Martinus and last year it went to Alan Walker.

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