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Jendrik Is Germany’s Representative For Eurovision 2021!

After the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 was cancelled, it was already revealed in November that Ben Dolic, who was supposed to represent Germany in 2020, would not represent the country in 2021.

In December 2020, the German delegation had already selected an entry for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest through a jury consisting of 100 people, including both music experts and Eurovision fans.

Today it was finally revealed that the chosen artist for Germany is going to be the 26-year old Jendrik Sigwart from Hamburg. Jendrik, who is initially a musical performer, wrote the song himself and has dreamed of participating in the Eurovision Song Contest for a long time.

Alexandra Wolfslast, the German head of delegation, says about the chosen artist:

"Jendrik is authentic through and through, has great charisma and incredible entertainment qualities. He has rightfully convinced the ESC juries. We are very happy, that he is competing for Germany!"

Jendrik filmed his music video in summer 2020 and already posted a humorous making-of clip on his Instagram account. According to this, the music video is going to include washing machines and a lot of bright colors!

Jendrik’s song will be released on February 25th, firstly heard and seen at 17:50 CET and 19:56 on ARD.

Get to know Jendrik below:

What do you think of Germany’s choice? Are you looking forward to hear Jendrik’s song?

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