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James Newman: ‘My Other Eurovision Song Will Be Out Soon’


James Newman has spoken to our editor Matt, revealing that a song that he originally wrote for this year’s Eurovision will be released soon.

Speaking about when he composed his songs for this years Eurovision, James said:

One of them is gonna be my next single because I really love it. It didn’t feel right for it to be my Eurovision song, but I love it so much that I want to put it out as my next single.

James said that he doesn’t know the exact date that the song will be released, but has said that he will tell ESC Bubble the date as soon as he finds out.

Speaking of his entry this year ‘Embers’, James said:

It’s about the glow in the fire that hasn’t burnt out that can be reignited.

James also revealed the best piece of advice that he’s been given, as well as some tips on how he deals with his anxiety.

You can see the full interview with James below, as well as James’s entry for this year’s Eurovision ‘Embers’ below it:

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