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Hurricane Released “Loco Loco”, Serbian Entry For Eurovision 2021!

Hurricane consists of Sanja Vučić, Ksenija Knežević and Ivana Nikolić, two of them have already taken part at Eurovision Song Contest prior to their victory at last year’s Serbian national selection, Beovizija. Sanja represented Serbia as a solo act in 2016, with her song “Goodbye (Shelter)” while Ksenija was the backing vocalist for the performance of Montenegro 2015 “Adio” by her father Knez. The three of them were selected to represent Serbia at Eurovision 2020 after they won Beovizija but the contest got cancelled so at the end of November last year it was announced by RTS that the girls will be the Serbian representative at the this years edition of the show and that was confirmed at the official Eurovision twitter account on 17th of December.

The team who worked on their song “Loco Loco” was Nemanja Antonić, he was the composer of “Hasta La Vista” and Darko Dimitrov who is the familiar name to Eurovision audience as he was the one responsible for the favourite of juries at Eurovision 2019, “Proud” by Tamara Todevska. He was also the songwriter and producer of entries for North Macedonia in 2018 (Eye Cue – “Lost and Found) , 2014 (Tijana Dapčević – To The Sky), 2013 (Esma & Lozano – “Pred da se razdeni”), 2006 (Elena Risteska – “Ninanajna”) and Albania in 2020 (Arilena Ara – “Fall from the sky”) in addition to those he was the producer of Serbian songs in 2019 (Nevena Božović – “Kruna) and 2018 (Sanja Ilić & Balkanika – “Nova Deca”) and Albanian in 2015 (Elhaida Dani – “I’m Alive”) as well as last years song of North Macedonia “You” by Vasil Garvanliev, who will be back again this year as the representative of his country more about it here. This won’t be the first time that Hurricane and Darko Dimitrov cooperated as he was also the one behind their song “Favorito”. In addition to that it has been revealed who are the backing vocals of the song more about it you can find HERE!

You can watch the music video of “Loco Loco” below:

You can also check out our interview with Hurricane moments after they won Beovizija 2020:

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