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Gjon Revealed That The Swiss Song Is Ready!

By Nikola Stojanović Last updated Nov 25, 2020

It’s already known that Gjon’s Tears will be coming back at Eurovision 2021. But in his recent instagram story he has revealed that the song which will be representing Switzerland at the next years contest has been chosen.

"I just wanted to tell you that I’m super excited to show you my next Eurovision song because I have worked with so many crazy talented people, producers, composers, writers and like finally we got the song, the song has been chosen since a few day and I am really proud of the song I hope you will like it too"

- Gjon on his Instagram story

You can find the Instagram story at the link here.

Gjon’s Tears entry for Eurovision 2020 was quite popular among fans, the song “Repondez moi” it remains a mystery will the new song have the same style as the previous one or we can expect something completely different.

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