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Duncan Laurence Will Feature In Two Eurovision 2021 Shows!

More and more acts are being revealed to be performing during one of the three Eurovision shows in May.

Of course the 2019 winner, the reason the contest will be held in The Netherlands, can’t be absent! And so it has been announced that Duncan Laurence will be involved!

The reigning Eurovision champion has amassed over a billion streams worldwide, has performed on The Today Show in the United States and will also be performing on Ellen! But naturally he will also be returning to his beloved Eurovision Song Contest this May, where he will open the first semi-final, delivering the clear message: “the Eurovision Song Contest is back and we are going to celebrate it!”

In the final we will meet him again, performing a brand new song for us, as well as the entry that gave The Netherlands their first Eurovision victory in 44 years, ‘Arcade’!

Duncan is excited and says:

"I am really looking forward to performing at the Eurovision Song Contest. We have all had to wait so long for it, but it is almost there. It is very special to be able to return to the stage, where it all started for me two years ago."

Let’s watch Duncan’s performance on The Today Show a few days ago:

Are you excited to see Duncan again?

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