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A Review: Isolation Song Contest - Saturday 2nd May

EuroStarz joined many of you hardcore fans at the weekend to watch the ‘Isolation Song Contest’ in aid of Trussell Trust, Crisis and Refuge; a little reminder that May will always be Eurovision month.

The show, organised by comedian Tom Taylor, assigned countries at random to a few of the countries favourite entertainers from the world of ‘Eurovish’, including Mel Giedroyc as a bronzed Italian ‘Melania’, a distraught Italian housewife missing her cleaner during lockdown:

and a very British ‘Benedict Bartholomew’ (AKA Måns Zelmerlöw, 2015 Eurovision winner for Sweden) sporting a centre parting, wielding a Union flag and singing about ‘Swings and Roundabouts’ – quintessentially British.

See Rylan Clark-Neal, another UK Eurovision super-fan introduce him here:

The artists were given just a week to write and produce and original song (and video) which would “capture the spirit of that nation”. You may have also spotted a guest appearance to open the show from a friend of EuroStarz, Nicki French, who performed at our very first event back in 2016. Find our more about her here.

Other Eurovision ‘royalty’ who gave their time for this wonderful cause include Ken Bruce and Graham Norton.

Our stand-out performance on the night has to be Tim Vine’s Romanian entry as ‘Timotay’ bringing us the delight that is ‘Room-ania’ poking fun at the ‘cabin fever’ the nation feels with only so many rooms to visit during lockdown. Check it out, you’ll be ‘vlad’ you did:

Not had enough? Still craving more Eurovision? Check our out YouTube Channel ‘EuroStarz in Concert’ and ‘Relive the Moment’ that we had many a fan favourite grace the EuroStarz stage.

Don’t forget, ‘Eurovision, Europe Shine a Light’, airs on the BBC in place of the cancelled competition this year featuring all 41 songs that would have competed in this year’s event in Rotterdam, on 16 May.

You can vote for your favourite Isolation Song Contest entry until 22 May, with the results being announced the day after on 23 May.

The Isolation Song Contest can be found at

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