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Valentina Monetta

SAN MARINO 2012, 2013 & 2014

Maybe she has a story to tell... Yes, its the queen of the San Marino music scene, the beautiful Valentina Monetta!

Since her early childhood, Valentina Monetta discovered a love for music, listening tirelessly to various musical styles, creating and forming  a specific taste over time.

Amazingly, Valentina is self taught and learned the art of singing and playing the piano through studing by herself, reaching the same professional high quality as many other contemporary artists today. 

In 1995, worked with the best local musicians, becoming a versatile singer with a great talent for improvisation; her voice is both colorful and versatile, ranging from jazz to melodic Italian, from soul to R&B and pop.


Valentina's artistic versatility has allowed her to deal with varied work experience as a singer, actor and presenter, and she even composed the music and wrote lyrics to her first solo album, a celebratory work of personal and professional balance, releasing the CD, Il Mio Gioco Preferito, recorded with the trio My Funky Valentine (Simone Migani on piano, Massimiliano Castri on drums, Alex Gorbi on bass).


Valentina started an adventure with her first band Tiberio, and soon thereafter formed the Parafunky. She was also part of the group 2Black, as well as forming the female vocal duo Harem'B

It was in 2012 that Valentina first represented her country for Eurovision where she took part in the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan, on behalf of San Marino with the Social Network Song.

Valentinas popularity in San Marino was such that she was invited back to represent her country again the following year, where she sang Crisalide (Vola) when Sweden hosted the competition in Malmo in 2013.

Once again in 2014, she came back for San Marino with Maybe in an unforgettable dress with beautiful staging. 

Valentina still continues to perform today and we are priviledged to have her as part of EuroStarz!

The Social Network Song
(Oh Oh – Uh - Oh Oh)

Are you ready for a little chat

And a song about the Internet

It's a story ‘bout a social door

You’ve never seen before

If you wanna be seen by everyone

Wanna be in the dream and have some fun

If you wanna be on the hook

Then simply take a look


Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh

Everybody loves you so

Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh

Everybody that you know


Do you wanna be more than just a friend

Do you wanna play cyber sex again

If you wanna come to my house 

Then click me with your mouse...

Crisalide (Vola)

Certe volte dentro me

Ho sentito un vuoto che

Mi chiamava dentro di sé 

Vieni ora a vedere la verità 

C'è un ponte sull'immensità 


Cosa sono in fondo io

Sogno fragile di dio 

Con un corpo fatto così 

Grandi occhi colore 

Vivendo si muore 

Rinnovati per l'eternità 


Vola, vola

Che la forza arriverà

Sempre sola

Verso un'altra libertà 

La farfalla nuova lascia sempre giù

La crisalide che eri tu

Vuota senza me...

Maybe (Forse)

Maybe there's a pearl in the shell

Maybe there's a story to tell

Maybe we can not live in peace cos we're under a spell


Maybe there’s a light from above 

Maybe there’s a flight of a dove 

When it's time 

To open the heart of love 


Maybe we can try

Maybe you and I

Are finding pain to overcome


Maybe then one day

Every soul heals and will find a way...

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