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SuRie is 'Rye'-ding high with new music release

SuRie, 2018 UK entrant (and good friend of EuroStarz) has been busy performing all over the world since 'Storm'-ing onto the Eurovision stage releasing 2 studio albums in the last 18 months! A very busy lady indeed!

Dozen’ was released in 2019, which SuRie herself described as a 'concept album':

"dedicated to you; my family, my friends, my supporters and fans. I hope it will be a soundtrack for you throughout the year, the months, any season, any weather, and any mood."

But here at EuroStarz HQ we are really excited about her newest release ‘Rye’, which she has released during lockdown. Here’s what she had to say about her experience on her website:

“Rye... is ready. The process of finishing the new EP during lockdown has offered me some moments of distraction, focus, escape + calm + now I'd love to give it to you in the hope that perhaps it might offer something like that to you, too. I feel very lucky. I have music +, because of it, I've never really felt far away from the people that are dear to me, in spite of these confusing times of distance.

I'd love for Rye to continue the conversation I'm having with you all + I hope it lets a little bit of calming light shine through the crazy, current cracks.

Excitingly the album opens with a Eurovision track, Silent Storm, originally performed by Carl Espen from Norway in 2014. SuRie’s version is captivating, even haunting and well worth a listen for any fan of the original. A duet with Carl Espen would be truly magical, or maybe with Karl William Lund who also covered this back in 2016 on the EuroStarz stage?

The album showcases her extraordinary talent and encapsulates the emotion that SuRie always brings to her performances. A stand-out track for us has to be ‘Lines’; it gave us goosebumps reminiscent of that night in Portugal where we fell in love with SuRie, who will always be a EuroStarz favourite.

The title track ‘Rye’ closes off the record like a warm hug from SuRie herself, much needed in this time of uncertainty; lose yourself in her silky voice and skillful accompaniment.

Not content with only releasing an album in lockdown, make sure you check her out Eurovision Home Concert with a very special arrangement of the song that started it all, Storm:


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