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Still Playing with Fire - it's Paula and Ovi!

This Romanian duo hardly need any introduction - Paula Seling and Ovi are fan favourites with their duelling flame-filled pianos!

It was Ovi who first entered the world of Eurovision when he took part in the Melodi Grand Prix back in 2006 for Norway with the song “The Better Side of Me”. He didn’t qualify to the final at that time but, undeterred, returned and qualified in 2009 with the song “Seven Seconds”. Although this didn’t go forwards to represent that year, it was well received in the charts.

It was 2009 when Ovi first met Paula Seling at the Golden Stag festival, a prestigious music event that began in Romania in 1968. Paula was a judge and Ovi was a contestant. Ovi suggested they collaborate together after winning Paula's vote and the rest is Eurovision history! In 2010 they stormed onto the Eurovision stage winning the national selection for Romania.

As a side note, several other EuroStarz have taken part in the Golden Stag festival including Karl William Lund who featured at our first ever event as well as John Karayiannis, a surprise guest for EuroStarz 2018 – the same year that Paula and Ovi performed for us!

Let’s take a look at the track that first brought this duo together, written by the very talented Ovi, in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest - “Playing With Fire”

'Playing with Fire' is an instantly memorable track and earned Paula and Ovi a very respectable third place in the competition.

Following on from their success they continued to collaborate together releasing two more tracks – “We got something” and “Counting down”, while both working on solo projects at the same time.

Paula went on to become a judge for the Romanian version of X-Factor, where she mentored the groups alongside other Eurovision favourite Alexander Ryback. Meanwhile Ovi continued to compose more tracks and submitted one for Melodi Grand Prix in 2012.

In 2014 it was time for Paula and Ovi to come together once again with another fabulous piano! Sadly they couldn’t fit the piano on the flight over to London for EuroStarz, but let's take a look at when the performed 'Miracle', their 2014 Eurovision entry at EuroStarz in 2018.

'Miracle' is a fabulous up-beat track, and Paula and Ovi have delighted fans all over Europe with the track.

Many of you will remember that the 2014 performance featured a fully circular piano that was custom made for Ovi. If you are wondering what happened to the piano, it has now been upcycled as a giant clock and it hangs on the wall in Paula's home in Romania!

Since then, Paula and Ovi continue to collaborate together, and today they have launched a playful jazz version of “Playing with Fire”.

Paula says “The joy of musical meetings always makes us find new ways to tackle the songs we sing together, challenge each other and find options to surprise, all happening naturally and spontaneously. We hope you enjoy it!”

Check out their brand new video below:

We were truly honoured to have Paula and Ovi at EuroStarz and both are keen to make a return both to our concert and to the contest itself – Ovi is still writing and producing music so who knows what the future will bring. Watch this space!


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