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Scott Fitzgerald – Still ‘Go’-ing strong

Scott represented the United Kingdom in 1988 with the song “Go” and was the first artist ever to be chosen by the public using the ‘televote’ system. His song was written and composed by Julie Forsyth, daughter of the late Sir Bruce Forsyth, and she even performed alongside Scott in Dublin providing backing vocals.

During the voting Scott was pipped at the last minute by Celine Dion, who won for Switzerland with ‘Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi’ by just one single point!

But he’ll always be a winner here at EuroStarz; he dazzled us with this performance of Go:

Away from the Eurovision stage, Scott’s greatest success was with "If I Had Words", a duet with Yvonne Keeley. It reached number 3 in the UK Singles Chart in 1978, and later went on to be a hit in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Belgium, the Netherlands and Scandinavia; selling more than one million copies! You might also recognise the song from the 1995 film Babe sung by a trio of mice (a sped-up version of Scott's original). In 1999, Westlife also covered the song in a collaboration with the Vard Sisters.

Relive the moment in 2018, when Scott collaborated with our other EuroStarz performers in a wonderful medley of a few Eurovision classics bringing the event to a close. How many do you recognise?

Scott alongside Linda Martin, Lindsay Dracass, Esther Hart and Paula Seling & OVI thrilled fans with some dance-floor fillers and really got the party started into the night...

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