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Saara Aalto & Baga Chipz Released A Song On Friday!

By Nikola Stojanović Last updated Sep 9, 2020

Saara Aalto revealed her plans to make the year 2020 MUCH BETTA with a song “When The Sun Goes Down” made in collaboration with a British drag queen and a finalist of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Baga Chipz. It will be a first release by Saara Aalto’s own No Fear Music record label. The song was released on Friday 11th of September. Check out the song here.

Saara hopes that this collaboration will bring happiness and joy to the listeners. Production team behind the song is Red Triangle, which has previously made songs for David Guetta and One Direction and many other artists. Saara announced that she stopped the cooperation with Warner Music and will be releasing songs under her own record label No Fear Music.

"I informed Warner Music that I would be making music from now on with my own record label. We agreed on this this spring and there was nothing dramatic about it. I just had such a feeling that thanks to these two previous records, the time was awesome. I’m the kind of a person who always wants to grow and develop. I had such a feeling that now is such a moment. I think “Corona time” also influenced my decision, because suddenly I had time to stop and think about what I really want."
Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto was known for participating at the Finnish national selection and then rose to fame after she became a finalist of The X Factor UK then she went on and represented Finland at Eurovision 2018 with the song “Monsters”


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