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Nicki French First Act Confirmed For EuroStarz

Yesterday we confirmed that this week we will be revealing all the details of the upcoming UK EuroStarz event – to take place in London on August 14th 2021. Don’t forget that you’ll be able to get your tickets for the event this Saturday!

As we reveal each performer every morning this week, the first one to be announced is…

None other than Nicki French!

Nicki French represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision in 2000 with the song “Don’t Play That Song Again”, placing 16th out of 24 with 28 points. Since then, she has a spree of releasing music and entertaining Eurovision fans at a number of Eurovision events. More recently, she has also been hosting the annual London Eurovision Party alongside Paddy O’Connell. She has also previously hosted EuroStarz, 5 years ago back in 2016.

Make sure to check back tomorrow to see who the second performer at EuroStarz this year will be!

In the meantime, you can check out Nicki French’s 2000 Eurovision performance below.


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