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Måneskin: From Eurovision To Vaccination!

Måneskin definitely are that kind of Eurovision winners willing to use their fame to spread messages.

Back in June, during Sapot Festival in Poland, they had dared to kiss on stage, in one of those European countries sadly famous for their reactionary and homophobic governments, stating “l’amore non è mai sbagliato” (love is never wrong).

Yesterday, they ‘ve tackled a new topic. During a recent interview when they were asked about their position on vaccination, the Italian band has made it very clear:

We belong to those who want te be vaccinated. Not doing it would be insane. We’re for people’s mental health, and fighting against something without any scientific evidence seems plain stupid. Being against vaccination makes the pair with those who think the Earth is flat. We are just happy if progress and the possible solutions to go back to normal allow us to get back, to our normal lives in a safe way.

Agree with them or not, but at least they’ve made their point!

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