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Linda Martin - Always on Time

Full of wit and Irish charm, Linda has represented her country twice with huge success, coming second in 1984 with “Terminal 3”, and winning the contest in 1992 with “Why me?” composed by Mr Eurovision himself – Johnny Logan.

No stranger to Eurovision, Linda has entered songs a further 7 times showing her love of her country and the contest. She was the Irish spokesperson for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007, judged for the Irish selection show ‘Eurosong’ in 2009 and even acted as mentor for Jedward in the Irish Eurovision final ‘Eurosong 2012’.

Linda definitely brought that Eurovision magic to London and the EuroStarz stage back in 2018. Let’s ‘Relive the moment’ she took us on a journey from Terminal 3:

Of course, before Linda’s Eurovision victories she was lead singer of a group called Chips, which she joined back in 1969. Chips quickly became a hit on the live circuit in the 70s giving Linda the opportunity to shine on stage. From there Linda began her successful solo career and she is still releasing music today.

As well as Linda's musical legacy, she has worked on several TV shows including The X Factor and The Lyrics Board as well as performing in Menopause the Musical. Linda has even been immortalised on a set of Irish stamps in 1997 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Irish Free State.

At EuroStarz 2018 Linda treated us with not one, but two of her successful Eurovision hits, and really made us think ‘Why us?’ and how did we get so lucky to be in the presence of such a star. Relive the moment she took us all back to that winning moment in 1992, she really did take our breath away. Enjoy! :

So what next for Linda? Well, since EuroStarz she took part in the very successful Eurovision Legends concert in Ireland, as well as continuing to release new tracks and remixes of some of her classics.

**EXCLUSIVE** Linda is now looking forward to getting back into the studio, as soon as possible, to record a new album as a follow up to her 2018 ‘All Woman’.

You heard it here first!

You can find out more from Energise Records:

We can’t wait to see what is next for this Irish Icon!

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