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Karl William Lund let's it all be forgiven

EuroStarz favourite Karl William Lund has been busy in the studio once again and has just released his second collaboration with Scottish duo Revision-X.

‘Let it all be forgiven’ follows on from their collaboration ‘Northern Lights’ which was released last year.

Following his experience with Eurovision, a sold-out crowd-funded album and touring the globe with Carnival Cruise Lines, Karl has continued collaborating with other producers & writers, finding different ways of working and new creative sounds.

Revision-X are comprised of Scottish producers Aidan Johnston & William MacKinnon.

“William and I met & formed Revision-X back in 2011” explains Johnston. “We met when William approached me to remix one of his songs titled ‘Top Secret’. We wanted to work with Karl due to his amazing vocal range, voice, writing skills and experience.”

“We were looking for new vocalists to start Revision-X as a commercial name and climb the ladder to being more successful says MacKinnon. “At this point Karl applied for the position. Myself and Aidan then went onto his profile, listened to his voice and instantly said “he’s the one”.

The first single released by Revision-X, a track called ‘Miracle’ is ironically the same name as Karl’s 2016 Eurovision track, which was his submission to BBC’s Eurovision: You Decide.

Of course, we were lucky enough to have Karl perform at the very first EuroStarz event. Karl was so popular that we invited him back for the second year; not only to perform but also to act as host, where he also performed a wonderful rendition of Verona with Salena Mastroianni who also took place in You Decide.

Following on from EuroStarz, Karl collaborated with another one of our favourites – Martin Fitch, before going on to work for Carnival Cruise Lines as their music manager before returning home to Liverpool to continue composing.

Karl explains "the inspiration for 'Let It All Be Forgiven' came from the sudden and unexpected passing of my friend Angel. At first I was angry at how life suddenly pulled the rug from under her and this song is really about coming to terms with death, forgiveness and trying to be at peace with the situation. In light of the current pandemic we are facing with Covid-19, after I recorded the song, it started to take on a whole new meaning but the heart of it is really about my friendship with someone who was so in love with life that they just seemed ageless".

What we admire about Karl is that each piece of music he composes tells a story – often personal, and there is a real emotional depth to his work.

'Let It All Be Forgiven' is available now on all major platforms including iTunes, Spotify and Amazon!


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