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EyeCue Joins EuroStarz 2021 Lineup!

This week we have plenty of exciting announcements to reveal all the details surrounding EuroStarz — a fan-led event which offers a chance for fans to get up close with some Eurovision stars past and present at an intimate gig. The event will be taking place on Saturday 14th August next month and tickets will be going on sale this Saturday so make sure to grab yours!

So far we’ve announced the first two performers in the line-up — Nicki French (UK 2000) and Ray Caruana (UK 1989). However, we aren’t done yet!

The third Eurovision artist that will be performing at EuroStarz in August is a duo! They represented North Macedonia in Lisbon back in 2018 with the song “Lost and Found”, but now the duo who now live in London will be taking to the Water Rats pub stage. If you hadn’t guessed already, the next act is … EyeCue!

Come back tomorrow for the next artist announcement — and in the meantime you can give “Lost And Found” a listen on the official music video here:


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