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Eurovision Presenters Recreate 1976 UK Winning Performance

The presenters of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest have recreated the performance of the 1976 winning entry ‘Save your kisses for me’, renaming it ‘Bye bye, Covid, bye bye’.

The performance starts with Nikkie Tutorials introducing the song, with the presenters Jan Smit, Chantal Janzen and Edsilia Rombley singing along to the hit.

The original song ‘Save your kisses for me’ won the 1976 Eurovision Song Contest, with a score of 164 points.

One of the band members Nicky Stevens was recently reported as performing a gig at her local care home to help cheer the residents up.

You can see the Eurovision presenters performing their version of the song below:

Do you like the performance? Which song from this year’s contest are you liking the most so far?


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