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Esther Hart - Now and Forever

Esther Hart, a Eurovision treasure, performed her song "One More Night" for the Netherlands in dazzling gold and was placed a very respectable 13th in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. Being a Dutch household name (especially amongst Eurovision fans!), she also read the Dutch results at Eurovision 2004 and then again in 2008.

Reappearing like a phoenix from the flames, echoed in her opening lyrics ‘There's a fire that burns within us, A flame that never dies...’, Esther treated us to a very well received cover on the night, back at EuroStarz 2018:

On the day of the event, Esther also found a few minutes to chat to our media partners ESC Bubble – Did you know that Esther was nearly the UK entry in 2003 instead of the Netherlands!? She got down to the final 4 in the UK radio ‘heats’, the selection process at the time but, patriotically decided to represent her own country and we are secretly glad she did as it’s always on the EuroStarz playlist.

A fan-favourite, singing many songs on the night in both English and Dutch, we didn’t want Esther’s time with us to be over. Join us and ‘Relive the moment’ she brightened our day on the EuroStarz stage with her powerful rendition of her Eurovision song ‘One More Night’ ; truly a power that can’t be stopped:


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