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Relive the moment - Copenhagen 2014

By Jay Lacey

On a rainy weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark, the 59th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was held following Emmelie de Forest's win at the 2013 contest in Malmö, Sweden with the song "Only Teardrops". Emmelie appeared at the final performing the aptly named ‘Rainmaker’ with an ensemble of drums and water theatrics.

The weather could not dampen the spirit of the jubilant audience as we prepared to watch thirty-seven countries participate in the contest. Actually the smallest number of contenders since 2006 but with some big characters. Interestingly, San Marino and Montenegro both qualified for the final for the first time.

Viewers at home also tuned in, obviously responding to the theme of the year #joinus, and that they did in their millions with a new record of 195 million viewers for the Eurovision Song Contest being reported.

I could have written about at least 20 worthy entrants that year, as the quality and diversity was so good, but here at EuroStarz HQ we have whittled down to 5 stand out performances. Starting off with none other than the Queen herself, Conchita Wurst:


Conchita Wurst – Rise like a Phoenix – Winner - 290 points

The results say it all; receiving 12 points from 13 countries, including the UK, Conchita really owned the Eurovision Stage with a breathtaking, bond-esque performance. It was, to date, the longest gap between victories for any country - 48 years - and only their second ever victory in the contest, following their first win in 1966.

Conchita could not have summarised the energy she was giving off that night better herself, than in the closing remarks of her acceptance speech where she said:

“This night is dedicated to everyone who believes in a future of peace and freedom. You know who you are - we are unity - and we are unstoppable."

Singing 11th on the night she was in forgettable territory but everyone in the arena was united when she sang and the song, which had been building momentum for weeks with fans, was truly unstoppable. We’ve all seen it a million times, but here it is in all its glory:


Valentina Monetta - Maybe (Forse) - 24th - 14 points

Valentina represented San Marino for a third (and final) consecutive year and made it to the grand final live show for the first time. The song finished 24th out of 26 finalists but Valentina didn't hold back and brought a solid vocal, an impressive staging of billowing white fabric fashioned as a clam shell behind her, and the obligatory Eurovision smoke machine galore to please the whooping fans. Her downfall (and low scores on the night) could easily be attributed to following The Netherlands entrant, the Common Linnets, who had impressed the audience and juries alike. Relive the moment here:

A winner in our eyes, Valentina brought laughter, her abundant charisma and talented vocal to the EuroStarz stage back in 2016. Take a look and relive the moment we all enjoyed:


Carl Espen - Silent Storm - 8th - 88 points

A strong contender in 2014 year in the abundant ballad genre with powerful, echoey, almost haunting vocals. Interestingly not choosing to play the piano himself but, accompanied by a simple violin quartet, looked out into a sea of lights as the crowd used mobile phones to guide him; the auditorium fell silent as he commanded the stage and the emotion, in key parts, surged like a storm in the crowd to triumphant applause for a great performance.

A well deserved 8th place. See it here:

Silent Storm is also a EuroStarz favourite: covered not only by one, but two of our acts from previous shows. Karl William Lund at EuroStarz 2017 and Surie, who appeared at EuroStarz in 2019 and added SIlent Song to her EP, Rye in 2020. See Karl's recording here and Surie's recording below:


Paula Seling and Ovi - Miracle - 12th - 72 points

Another returning artist, Paula Seling and Ovi appeared once again as a duo, having previously represented Romania in 2010 with ‘Playing with Fire’ See them performing it at EuroStarz 2018:

Miracle truly had something magical about it on the night; the camera trickery for the audience at home, Paula looking sensational and, of course, the infamous round keyboard played by OVI. Paula anecdotally shared with EuroStarz that it now hangs as a clock in her home! The song was a welcome europop/dance interlude and the crowd showed their appreciation by dancing and singing along, mirroring the enchanting chemistry between the two performers. The highlight for this reviewer has to be the highly anticipated high note from Paula, which she performed perfectly on the night and didn't disappoint. A strong performance from Romania which we were surprised didn’t fetch more votes that year.

See the performance from the night below:

The song, being such a crowd pleaser was also a welcome addition to the EuroStarz 2018 line-up. See their intimate rendition in London on our YouTube page ‘Eurostarz in Concert’ and the video here:


Sanna Nielsen - Undo - 3rd - 218 points

On her seventh attempt, Sanna won Melodifestivalen in 2014 and even released an album later that year entitled ‘7’ honouring her journey to the Eurovision stage. She had been one of the favourites for many weeks and finished a respectable 3rd. She then went on to co-host Melodifestivalen in 2015.

Performing 13th on the night, she was in a good position following the forgettable German entry and was definitely in good voice; matched with a spectacular light ‘prison’ on a backdrop of stars. She oozed confidence and sang with conviction; starting softly but building intensity punching each word home culminating in an explosion of light as the song reaches its crescendo. She gave a powerful performance that she, and Sweden, were very proud of.

Did you enjoy it as much as the audience on the night singing along? Relive the moment here:

And we couldn’t write an article about the 2014 competition without a special mention of the Slavic girls...


Donatan & Cleo - "My Słowianie – We Are Slavic" - 14th - 62 points

The rapping, the milk churning… for comic relief alone on the night, it is worth another watch. Enjoy!

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