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Måneskin Unveil Official Eurovision Version Of "Zitti E Buoni"!

Italian Eurovision 2021 artist Måneskin today revealed their re-worked version of “Zitti e buoni” which will be performed at the upcoming song contest this May.

Since winning San Remo earlier this month, speculation was rife regarding any potential changes the group may make to their song prior to the contest in Rotterdam as may Italian artists have done previously given the slight differences in rules between San Remo and the Eurovision Song Contest.

The new “Eurovision” version only has minor changes from the original version, assisted by the original song length only being 3.12 minutes itself. Die-hard fans will notice a slight change in the middle-8 of the track, and a few minor lyrical changes to ensure it is suitable for the Eurovision Song Contest, but fear not as the song still sounds as fresh as ever!

Check out the Eurovision version here –

The official video for the song is also has over 8 million views on Youtube despite only being out for around 2 weeks!

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