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Eurovision Museum To Open In Húsavík!

Since the release of Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga the Icelandic town came under the spotlight of Eurovision lovers and fans. The movie was shot in Húsavík in 2019 and it had positive influence for the tourism of the town and now Húsavík will get even more famous as it will be the hometown of Eurovision Museum.

This morning, Icelandic government had a meeting during which they decided to support the development of the Eurovision Museum in Húsavík. They granted the total of 2 million ISK which is approximately 13.000 EUR. This was stated on their website.

The Exploration Museum in Húsavík is responsible for the opening of the Eurovision Museum and they will be doing it in collaboration with Húsavík Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Icelandic broadcaster RÚV, European Broadcasting Union and Netflix. The museum is scheduled to open next May, 65 years after the first edition of Eurovision Song Contest was held.

The song from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga, “Husavik” continues to walk the path of success as it has so far got nominations at The Critics Choice Awards, 93rd Academy Awards, Grammy Award and last December the soundtrack of the movie broke the record as it has been streamed more than 100 million times. You can listen to “Husavik – My Home Town” below:

What are your impressions of Húsavík getting the Eurovision Museum?


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