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Destino Eurovisión For Blas Cantó Will Take Place On 20 February!

In breaking news ESC Bubble reported on Blas releasing his two potential Eurovision entries ‘Voy a quedarme’ and ‘Memoria’, which will battle each other in a special gala for Blas, but we didn’t know yet when that would be taking place. Last week RTVE have announced that Destino Eurovisión will be taking place this weekend, on Saturday, the 20th of February on their channel La1!

Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela will be hosting the festival, in the picture below you can see them at work as the Spanish commentators during the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon:

Blas will be joined by many famous friends in the Spanish music industry: Operacion Triunfó alumni Cepeda, Roi and Nia, Andrés Suárez will be there and also Vanesa Martín and two ladies who know what Eurovision is like: Edurne (2015) and Pastora Soler (2012)!

It will be solely the televoters that decide which song Blas will take with him to Rotterdam. They can vote through SMS voting, a telephone call and the site and app of EurovisionTVE. On the RTVE site you can vote if you scroll down a bit.

And the choice is between of course between these two songs:


Voy a quedarme

Destino Eurovisión will start at 22:00 CET on Saturday, February 20.

Which entry do you prefer?

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