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Ana Soklič Will Represent Slovenia With ‘Amen’ At Eurovision 2021!

Back in May 2020, we’ve been reporting that 2020 winner of Slovenian preselection for Eurovision, Ana Soklič, will return as RTVSLO representative at the upcoming 2021 edition of Eurovision Song Contest. After an open call, when composers were asked to submit their songs, RTVSLO and Ana Soklič received a record amount of 191 songs, all of them with the same agenda – to be performed by Ana Soklič at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest – and one of them is all yours now – it’s Amen.

EMA 2021 was also dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Slovenia’s participation – once within Yugoslavia – in the Eurovision Song Contest.

In 1961, Yugoslavia performed for a very first time, with the composition Neke davne zvezde by a Slovene author, Jože Privšek, when the composition itself was performed by Ljiljana Petrović.

In 1966, Slovenian singer Berta Ambrož performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Slovenian language, for the first time, with the song Brez besed. The music was written by Mojmir Sepe, together with the lyrics writer, Elza Budau.

The show itself was hosted by 2018 Slovenian Eurovision representative, Lea Sirk, together with Nejc Šmit, who hosted EMA already back in 2015. Some of the former Eurovisions representatives were also a part of the show, just as Ditka Haberl (Yugoslavia 1975), Emilija Kokić (Yugoslavia 1989) zalagasper (Slovenia 2019), Amaya (Slovenia 2011), Nuša Derenda (Slovenia 2001), Tajči (Yugoslavia 1990), Darja Švajger (Slovenia 1995 & 1999), Tinkara Kovač (Slovenia 2014), Omar Naber (Slovenia 2005 & 2017), Alenka Gotar (Slovenia 2007), Sestre (Slovenia 2002), Eva Boto (Slovenia 2012), Anžej Dežan (Slovenia 2006), as well as Rebeka Dremelj (Slovenia 2008).

“In a way, this year’s track is quite different from Voda, but it’s also true that it has quite a few common denominators. It is very difficult to explain in words. I like to see listeners and viewers create their own opinions and performances,” says Ana Soklič for MMC RTVSLO, about her 2021 entry.

Ana Soklič revealed that she will represent the country with the song ‘Amen‘, written by Žiga Pirnat, Bojan Simončič and Charlie Mason!

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